Radius gauge

MICROTECH developing and manufacturing new types of precision radius and spherical radius gauges:

-radius radial gauges with range up to 1000mm

-radius radial gauges with range up to 12500mm (12.5 meters)

-wide range radius gauges up to 32200mm (32,2m)  -new patented construction

-sphere radial gauges with range up to 1250mm

All MICROTECH sphere and radius gauges basing on Intelligent computerized electronic system with built in micro computer that has such functions like: Formula, Go/NoGo, Max/Min, Timers, Memory, Wireless & USB data transfer, Temperature & Mathematical error compensation

Wireless and Computerized calipers can be used with Free MICROTECH Software for Windows, Android, iOS for receiving data and processing data from instruments.

All radius and sphere gauges pass metrological control in accredited laboratory by ISO17025.

For customers request it’s possible to develop and manufacturing non-standard ranges and special configurations.

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