MICROTECH manufacturing wide range of electronic and computerized micrometers basing on innovative MICROTECH technologies:

-       sub-micron micrometers (0.1 micron resolution)

-       wide range micrometers up to 10m with Transformer technology for easy transportation

-       special micrometers

-       micrometers with Wireless and USB data transfer


We use such digital modules in our calipers:

-       Micron digital modules

-       Multifunctional Computerized modules with 1,5 inch color touchscreen and Wireless &USB data transfer (Go/NoGo, limits, Max/Min functions, Formula mode, Mathematical and temperature error compensation).


Wireless and Computerized micrometers can be used with Free MICROTECH Software for Windows, Android, iOS for receiving data and processing data from instruments.

All micrometers pass metrological control in accredited laboratory by ISO17025.

For customers request it’s possible to develop and  manufacturing non standard micrometers


  • Precision micrometer
    MICROTECH manufacturing modifications of precision micrometers:
    - Digital micrometers with micron resolution with IP65 proof
    - Computerized sub-micron micrometers with Wireless & USB data output adopted to Industry 4.0
    - Tablet sub-micron micrometers with Wireless & USB data output adopted to Industry 4.0 with extended functions

    Micrometers has modifications with rotating, non-rotating spindle and double range.
    All micrometer pass metrological control on ISO17025 accredited lab.
  • Wide range micrometers

    MICROTECH manufacturing a lot of modifications of wide range micrometers with standard or patented transformer construction.

    Wide range micrometers can be up to range 2000mm
    Transformer micrometers can be up to 10000mm
    In Transformer wide range micrometers using computerized micrometer head with rang 50mm and setting rings. Such micrometers can measuring details in ranges 500 or 1000mm according common range.
    These big micrometers consist form modules for easy transportation and can be easily assembling during 10-20 minutes.
    Main advantage of this precision micrometer is using computerized measuring system from MICROTECH.
    It gives possibility have 0.1 micron resolution and higher accuracy, then competitors micrometers.
    Also computerized measuring module of micrometer equipped with internal memory, Go/NoGo functions with color indication, Max/min, Formula function, manual temperature and error compensation.
    Color display and Touchscreen provides high usability of sub-micron micrometer.
    It’s not necessary spend extra money for batteries, about Built in rechargeable Li-pol battery.
    Built in Wireless data transfer module gives possibility transfer measuring data and data from memory to MICROTECH MDS software. There are modifications of Software for Windows, Android, iOS devices.
    Also it’s possible to use USB socket on MICROTECH computerized instrument to transfer data directly to Windows application with cable from set.
    All wide range micrometers pass metrological control on accredited ISO 17025 laboratory with calibration certificate.
  • Snap gauge

    MICROTECH manufacturing snap gauges up to 500mm range with different type of indicators:

    • sub-micron computerized indicator (Wireless data transfer)
    • micron digital indicator
    • dial indicator with resolution 0.002mm

    All MICROTECH  snap gauges pass metrological control in accredited ISO 17025 laboratory and have calibration certificate

    • Patent UA99686, UA103982, UA126928, UA112291, UA116231, UA124020, WO2016124992 by MICROTECH
    • Quick Go/NoGo control (colour indication)
    • Built in micro computer with colour Touchscreen display 1,5”
    • Functions: Go/NoGo, Max/Min, Memory manager, Mathematical & Temperature error compensation
    • Built in Wireless data transfer to Windows, Android, iOS devices with distance up to 50 m (external antenna)
    • USB connection to Windows PC in keyboard or normal mode (cable including)
    • 100% metrological control in accreditated laboratory by ISO17025 (Ilac MRA)

  • Special micrometers

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