MICROTECH developed and patented over 100 new types of instruments and solutions since 1995 year. Our R&D department looking  for possibilities improving metrological characteristics of products and propose new instruments with better characteristics and ergonomic.
Our most popular and successful products:
• Computerized micron calipers with electronic Multi-Force control 1-20N for measuring different type of materials with long range Wireless data transfer
• Computerized instruments with 2D measuring possibilities and connection to the network
• Micron Force CALIPERS with accuracy from 5 μm (Pat. UA 100613, 104879)
• Sub-micron Computerized micrometers with long range Wireless data transfer
• Sub-micron Computerized indicators with long range Wireless data transfer
• Big range calipers with jaws up to 1000mm (Pat. UA 110139, UA 111603)
• Transformer 3 point INTERNAL MICROMETER depth up to 3m (Pat.UA 201610769)
• Transformer BORE GAUGE with depth up to 10m and Video module (Pat. UA 103980, UA 201610769)
• Retractable Bore gauges
• Custom thickness gauges with Range up to 100mm and depth up to 1000mm
• 2D Thickness gauges
• Shotgun and Gun barrel bore gauges
• Bore calipers for bore riding without removing the bar
• Computerized calibration stands for indicators, bore gauge, rulers.
Soft materials thickness gauges and stands according DIN, ISO, ISTM standards

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