External & Internal radius computerized gauge developed and manufacturing by MICROTECH.

These Radius gauges can measuring internal and external Radius in range 5-60, 40-1200, 250-7500, 500-15000 mm

MICOTECH supply 4 modifications of Radius gauges with different bases (40-300mm) for measuring ranges up to 15m with accuracy 0,4-1% depends on range. Computerized measuring module automatically selected direction of measuring and select external or internal measuring mode.
TABLET measuring module of Radius gauge has such functions :
ON-line GRAPHICAL mode
Color ANALOG adjustable scale
HUB Connection (external MICROTECH Wireless device connection)
2D Connection possibilities (external device Wireless connection and indication)
PROBE connection (external indicator or lever indicator Wireless connection) with AUTO mode
Quick reading system 50 val/sec
Internal MEMORY for 2000 values with Folders system and statistic,
LIMITS (Go/NoGo) function with color indication,
PEAK (Max/min),
LINEAR compensation
RESOLUTION selection 0.1/0.01/0.001/0.0001 mm also in inches
CALIBRATION date control
Rechargeable Li-Pol battery with micro-USB socket
FIRMWARE Update with USB cable
WIRELESS long range data transfer to MICROTECH MDS app for Windows, Android, iOS (FREE versions). Download MICROTECH MDS app from Link to MDS app’s
WIRELESS HID data transfer to any system and app (keyboard mode) with data config possibilities
Optional MODBUS PLC data output (4 wire, RS-485) with data config possibilities
USB HID data transfer to any system and app (keyboard mode) with data config possibilities
All MICROTECH Radius gauges pass metrological control in ISO 17025 ILAC accredited laboratory in automated calibration stand.

Radius gauge external + internal

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  These gauges can measure internal and external radiuses in range 40-2000, 5-2000, 40-15000, 5-15000 mm.

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