Computerized thickness gauges with timer for soft materials ASTM

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MICROTECH introduces precision digital thickness gauges for soft materials, that equipped with micron indicator.
There are a lot of modifications of  precision digital thickness gauges with measuring range up to 100mm (0-4 inch) and with depth up to 200mm
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MICROTECH manufacturing  thickness gauges for soft materials with different bases and measuring surfaces according most actual standards.ф
Thickness gauges for soft materials can be equipped with digital micron indicator with PRESET functions for measuring fabrics, films, rubber, platinum foil, sheets according ASTM D1777, ASTM 3767, DIN 53370, DIN EN 1849, ISO 3034, ISO 4593, ISO 23529 and other standards.
Or can be with sub-micron Computerized indicator with saving data with built-in auto Timer function for precision thickness measuring leather, textiles, geosyntetic, fabrics according ASTM D5199, ISO 2286, ISO 2589, ISO 5084, ISO 9863 standards.
Also modification with Computerized indication system has Wireless & USB data output to PC and Tablets.
All MICROTECH Thickness gauges for soft material pass metrological control on accredited by ISO17025 laboratory.
It’s possible to manufacturing soft materials thickness gauges with custom parameters (measuring surfaces, force, depth, timer period, functions) for special request

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Range up to, mm

Resolution, mm

Data output

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D5199-01-A, D5199-01-B

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